Differentiation is like a romantic weekend because....
  • It's one surprise after another!
  • it takes a little planning to take it to the next level!
  • there are a number of different positions to take on the matter to achieve your goal!
  • it caters for individual tastes
  • sometimes it is great in theory but is not all roses and love the whole time!
  • you can try all sorts of activities in all sorts of ways!
  • there is so much to explore, so many options, so little time!
  • it is full of surprises!

Inquiry is like a long holiday because...
  • it is an adventure into discovering the world around you
  • you need a lot of activities to keep it interesting
  • you know your final destination but don't know how you'll get there
  • everyone is free to explore their interests

Assessment for learning is like a drinks list because...
  • everyone has their favourite, but sometimes you need to take a risk .... have a drink of tequila!
  • there are a variety of choices to arrive at the outcome of "drunkenness"
  • students have different intelligences and styles and you will need different choices to meet their needs
  • you want to try all the different options
  • you need to try them all to find out which one suits you best!
  • There are so many choices of flavours and mixes - many different cocktails for many different occasions!
  • it quenches your thirst for learning
  • you choose the one you feel is right for you!